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Our Services

  1. Orphan and Destitude Homes.
  2. Bringing about a change in the life of gypsies.(Narikuravar, Irulas)
  3. To bring about a change in the lives of Tribals, and most backward.
  4. To help down trodden, cleaning communities and their children.
  5. To give new hope and life to widows, destitues and ther children.
  6. To empower the lives of lepers, HIV affected and their children by providing them medical Aid.
  7. To help hut dwellers, street dwellers and people who live in the slumps by improving their living conditions and educating their children.
  8. Establishment of old age Homes and providing medical facilities for the Aged.
  9. To improve the lives of people in interior villages and also to educate the children.
  10. Introduction of technical education to poor adolescent children and help in their livelihood.
  11. Establish counseling centres for those who have lost hope.
  12. Conduct medical camps and awareness programmes in villages.